University of California at Berkeley

UC Berkeley

10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, CA; Tel. 510. 336.7300
With a 300 foot Campanile rising from the center of campus, The University of California, Berkeley conspicuously presents the intellectual, recreational and cultural center of the East Bay. Though widely noted for its academic reputation, the university's radical politics and protests often make more news than do its Nobel laureates. As a rule, the UC Berkeley displays a stunning variety of architectural styles amid a tranquil atmosphere that, on the campus's southern edge, gives way to a free-spirited and eclectic mix of activities and attractions in the Berkeley's most collegiate section.

Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue

Telegraph Avenue, located just outside the university's primary entrance on the south side, hosts an array of Berkeley merchants, street vendors, eateries, pubs and bookstores.

UC Berkeley Shopping

Stores like Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Bancroft Clothing Co. provide a conventional retail experience, while offbeat street vendors line the Avenue for blocks--especially on weekends--selling such custom made sundries as belts, t-shirts, artwork and left-leaning bumper stickers.

UC Berkeley Dining

Cheap food is abundant in this bustling student stomping ground. Numerous small (5$-7$) restaurants offer tasty and frequently greasy menus, particularly those on Channing Street, which crosses Telegraph two blocks from campus. For the cholesterol conscious there's Smart Alec's, an equally cheap but healthier alternative to other Channing chow, and a few blocks down Telegraph, Intermezzo, a café style salad and sandwich shop, is a favorite among vegetarians. Diners in search of a more upscale meal might consider Le Bateau Ivre, a quaint mid-priced French bistro located six blocks from the UC Berkeley campus on Telegraph.

UC Berkeley Bars

For drinks, the Telegraph area presents a number of student-style options. On Channing and Telegraph, Kips, a stalwart watering hole for the Greek system's sorority and fraternity members, offers day goers a sanctuary for a burger or pizza slice accompanied by an abundance of drink options. Diagonally across the intersection, Blake's provides nightly live music, liquor, beer and grub of a slightly higher quality, to accommodate its more counterculture clientele. Raleigh's, a utilitarian sports pub two more blocks down Telegraph, makes a gourmet burger and sells numerous microbrews. Should visitors wish to wholly immerse themself in the student nightlife or post-lecture afternoon revelry (as often occurs), The Bear's Lair, a cozy on-campus pub located at Telegraph's terminus, affords pub food and a fireside ambience inside and, on clement days, a DJ attended patio furnished with picnic tables, frolicking students and half-filled pitchers of beer.

UC Berkeley Bookstores

Three major bookstores call Telegraph home. Cody's, a large independent store, holds title to the new book market, while Moe's, containing four massive floors of texts, claims a vast number of used titles and is a favorite among students and academics. Across the street, the relatively petite Shakespeare & Company specializes in used literature and seems to have found a niche in having hard to find and specialty texts.