Oakland Restaurant Guide - Rockridge Restaurants

North Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood, nestled between Telegraph Ave. and Broadway, is an excellent place for anyone to begin a culinary adventure. French, American comfort, Thai and fresh seafood restaurants are all in close proximity to each other; sometimes even next door. Restaurant window-shopping is popular in Rockridge—peruse a menu and if it isn't perfect, move on to the next one. Friendly patrons and attentive, helpful staff characterize this area of the Bay. Hide-A-Way on Telegraph serves up steaming omelets with countless choices of fillings. The Red Tractor, on nearby College, cooks up huge helpings of meatloaf, mac and cheese and warm biscuits. For some of the most delicious Thai cuisine in Oakland, stop by Soi4 Bangkok Eatery and prepare to be impressed.
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Oliveto Café & Restaurant

5655 College, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.547.5356
Upstairs dining is a luxurious experience, with a wholly unique menu. Delectable fish and chicken emerge from the wood-burning rotisserie, while homemade pastas with fresh, imaginative sauces come from the kitchen of chef Paul Bertolli (once with Chez Panisse). The street-level cafe is a chic spot, offering quiche, salads, and coffee. (Urbanview)
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À Côté

5478 College, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.655.6469
A hit parade of French/Italian country classics: onion soup, foie gras, pommes frites, croque monsieur, and profiteroles. Fortunately, the food is terrific--fresh, subtle, confident. A table of six could easily and happily go through over half the menu. (JW)


6430 Telegraph, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.654.0129
Unassuming and local, with simple food made in front of your eyes and griddled up in large servings. Omelettes are a sure bet; Hide-A-Way offers a range of fillings, from basic Jack cheese to the deluxe Sam's (peppers, mushrooms, scallions, tomatoes, and Jack), all accompanied by an enormous slab of home-fried potatoes. (AB)

Soi4 Bangkok Eatery

5421 College, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.655.0889
The Sirimongkolvit brothers, from the family that runs Sweet Basil on Solano, bill Soi4 as a "Bangkok eatery", which is like saying Chez Panisse is a neighborhood café. Sophisticated, streamlined, and uncluttered, Soi4 doesn't appear to have anything remotely ethnic about it--except for one of the most vivid, show-stopping Thai menus in the Bay Area. The food is astoundingly fresh; sauces are pungent and bright. (JW)
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