Oakland and East Bay Bars and Clubs - Oakland Dance Clubs

Oakland boasts some of the best clubs in the Bay, perfect for those looking for a night of dancing, meeting other hot Bay Area clubbers or just going dumb. There are so many awesome hip-hop clubs around Oakland and the East Bay that it's really hard to go wrong. Kingman's Lucky Lounge offers great drink specials, while @17th boasts the hottest upscale parties around the Bay. Awesome ultra-lounges in Oakland feature chic décor and party-all-night attitudes, making for the hippest clubbing around. Savvy spinsters keep the dance floors popping and plush VIP booths provide a place to kick back and eye the beautiful crowds. AIR, on 9th Street, even has beds for those who want to get extra cozy during a night out. Dust off those dancing shoes, because Oakland clubs keep it going all night long.
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@17 th

510 17th Street, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.433.0577
Do you know where the hippest, upscale weekend party in Oakland is? Okay, let us clue you in, it's @17 th dance club every Wednesday through Saturday starting at 9pm and running it's ultra chic loungey decadence until 2am. You can chill out to some cool beats in their two lounge areas, get intimate in one of their private booths that have bottle service, or hang at one of their two bars and try to muster up the courage to talk to that hottie you've been eying all night. Real slick DJs provide the beats and you have to check out @17 th on Thursdays for the best weekday dance club party in Oakland complete with drink specials for the masses. A word to the wise, the dress code is strictly enforced so dress to impress or you'll be hangin' in the ride while your friends get it on inside.


492 9th Street, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.444.2377
When you think of an ultra-lounge, your first thought should be of AIR in Oakland. This upscale, chic hangout for the hipper than thou features lounge seating, private booths, and beds... yeah, we said it, beds... for you and your guests to relax upon while you chill out to some of the Bay Area's hottest DJs. Also, as is becoming more common with the ultra-lounge set, AIR offers bottle service in any area. The bartenders are slick and the drinks are a little pricey, but hey you get what you pay for and all this hipness isn't free, which means leave your new Addidas at home and dress to impress or you're only getting as far as the doorman.


1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, California; Tel. 510.525.5054
Ashkenaz is an all-ages dance venue for live music, and beer and wine are offered if you need that drink in order to lubricate your social wheels or get some liquid courage. However, once you hear the slamming beats from some of the Bay Area's and the world's best eclectic artists, drinks will seem superfluous. The live music is as diverse as the crowd, and the dance floor at Ashkenaz is packed with people gyrating to the music with seriously positive vibes.

Bench & Bar

2111 Franklin St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.444.2266
For those of you that thought a trip across the Bay was necessary in order to get your Latin fueled dance party on, you're wrong. Bench & Bar in downtown Oakland has got you covered every night of the week with special gay dance club nights for both men and women, but Bench & Bar is not exclusively a gay club; the crowd is extremely diverse with Oakland clubbers just looking for a hip place to blow off some steam and dance the night away. Also, Bench & Bar does a kickin' happy hour from 2-7pm during the week to gear up for the hot club scene.

Club Anton

428 3rd Street, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.463.0165
Club Anton is the chicest Latin Jazz club in Oakland whose live music choices pop as much as their décor, too often you see clubs go for style over substance, but not so with Club Anton. The musical guests are deeply rooted in the Latin vein, but do spread across into hip-hop and reggae especially when there's a DJ. Seriously if you're looking for one of the best places in Oakland for a fiery Latin dance party, Club Anton has got your back every weekend.

Club Oasis

135 12th St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.763.0404 Club Oasis represents exactly what's so cool about Oakland dance clubs. From the shabby chic furniture to the outdoor, tiki-themed dance floor and the thumping, deep grooved music provided by the East Bay's premier DJ's, Club Oasis gets it right. The drinks can get a little pricey, but what this dance club lacks in libation value it more than makes up for in ambiance.

Kingman's Lucky Lounge

3332 Grand Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.465.5464
Kingman's Lucky Lounge is a pioneer of the "ultra-lounge" trend, sporting an urban chic decor and an upscale, hipster atmosphere. However, unlike more pretentious establishments, Kingman's Lucky Lounge still offers drink specials, friendly bartenders, and house DJs who keep the beats thumping and the grooves deep while commanding the dance floor. Leave your ratty A's cap at home and bust out some cool threads to come chill with your friends at this local bar hotspot.

Luka's Taproom and Lounge

2221 Broadway, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.451.4677
Luka's gets everything right, from their unique selection of beers and cocktails, to their diverse selection of California brassiere food, to the funky vibe with displayed works by local artists and funkier music provided by resident premier DJs. Luka's is a seriously hip local bar and dance club that has an indelible Oakland feel; why cross the bridge when this is in your own backyard?

The Noodle Factory

1255 26th St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.595.5526
A cool venue for the urban hip set, The Noodle Factory does two things better than any other dance club. First, they always have Oakland's top DJs spinning deep house, soul, funk, hip-hop, and R&B, keeping this local secret constantly bumping. And second, they display some of the most radical local artwork in Oakland by a variety of artists. The Noodle Factory specializes in single night events, so call ahead to see what's on tap at this underground dance club haven.

The Ruby Room

132 14th, Oakland, California; Tel.510.444.7224
A great local bar with cosmopolitan style, The Ruby Room gives you the feeling that you've been there a million times even if it's your first visit. The Ruby Room is dimly lit (in red, of course), with DJs spinning eclectic mixes of soul, punk, country, and funk, and a dance floor that posseses a unique easy vibe. The Ruby Room should be on your list of local bars to hang in. If it's not, go there and see why it's part of our regular bar crawl.

The Saddle Rack

42011 Boscell Rd., Fremont, California; Tel. 510.979.0477
This legendary dance club specializes in catering to country-loving patrons that can't make it to the south. The Saddle Rack is a massive structure, continually packed with two-steppin' cowpokes and bull riders (yes, of course there's a mechanical bull, and after a few better-than-average priced drinks we're sure you'll give it a try). And if that wasn't enough to wet your whistle, The Saddle Rack attracts nationally recognized country live music acts and also sports a house band that can always get the joint rocking.

Wildcard Bar and Grill

10 Hegenberger Rd., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.567.8945
With a dance club, sports bar, and hotel all in one, the Wildcard Bar and Grill is set up for some serious partying. It has four different areas of dance space—the hippest one being by the hotel pool—each bumping from a variety of DJ stylings; huge projection TVs for the tragically myopic and awesome daily drink specials. Did you catch that first part about the attached 74 room hotel? Okay then, enough said.

End Zone

1466 High St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.536.9332
Bust out your Silver and Black and take in the End Zone, a sports bar shrine to all things Raiders. But, that's not the only thing this haven for sports fans has going for it. End Zone also has a bumpin' singles scene with choice hip-hop DJs presiding over the dance floor like Al Davis does his team. Most nights the dance club aspect supplants the sports bar one, especially on the weekends where there is a dress code, so accessorize accordingly; that means don your dress up gray sweats with your new jersey and hat on Sundays.

Mingles Martini and Champagne Lounge

370 Embarcadero, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.835.3900
Patrons dressed to the nines queue up for a well-rounded evening at Mingles Martini and Champagne Lounge. Entertainment spans from standup comedy acts, to live underground jazz, to a thumpin' DJ that really gets the dance crowds moving. Mingles is upscale and hip, but without the elitism you'd expect from similar crowds at other clubs. We can't emphasize this enough, however: come dressed to impress and bone up on your jazz knowledge, or else you're not going to get much play, playa.

Mi Casa Restaurant and El Reventon Nightclub

1408 Webster St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.835.1813
Mi Casa and El Reventon Nightclub is Oakland's palace of DJ dancing from latin and salsa superstars. The food is good and the tequila flows, in fact, we had to have quite a few before any of the sexy latina ladies could coax us on to the dance floor.

Kimball's Carnaval

522 Second St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.444.6979
A salsa dance club that also offers lessons for those of us with two left feet, Kimball's Carnaval, features live music in the latin and salsa traditions, when a band isn't driving you to tear it up on the dance floor, there are DJs to get the job done.

Shattuck Down Low

2284 Shattuck St., Berkeley, California; Tel. 510.548.1159
Shattuck Down Low is where Cal students come to get their groove on and blow off some steam. A venerable dance club that goes off on the weekends with an eclectic mix of DJs spinning everything from old school funk to modern dance and hip-hop tracks, Shattuck Down Low is a nightly high energy party. They also get some good live music in there and with three bars, even on busy nights, you can get a cocktail in timely fashion, which is how we rate clubs.
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