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Oakland International Airport is located fourteen miles south of downtown Oakland, roughly half an hour away. With Oakland.com's online flight, car and hotel reservations, business and leisure travelers to Oakland can book a flight to and from Oakland International, reserve a hotel near Oakland, rent a car or arrange for an airport shuttle.
Each terminal at Oakland International Airport serves several airlines and a large number of destinations. Each terminal has a variety of restaurants, bars, newsstands and shops. Business services, banks and ATMs are also available.

Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Main Terminal Building: 1 Airport Drive, Oakland, CA 94621
Airport Operators: 510.563.3300
Visitor Services Volunteers: 510.563.2721

Terminal One

Oakland International Airport Terminal One contains gates 1-18 and serves:
Alaska Airlines: Tel. 800.426.0333 / Baggage Service: 510.577.5812
Aloha Airlines: Tel. 800.367.5250
America West Airlines: Tel. 800.235.9292 / Baggage Service: 510.430.0699
AmericanAirlines: Tel. 800.443.7300 / Baggage Service: 800.577.4720
Continental Airlines: Tel. 800.525.0280
Delta Airlines: Tel. 800.221.1212 / Baggage Service: 800.325.8224
jetBlue: Tel. 800.538.2583 / Baggage Service: 510.563.3626
Mexicana Airlines: Tel. 800.531.7921 / Baggage Service: 510.563.3610
North American Airlines: Tel. 800.359.6222 / Baggage Service: 510.577.6715
Southwest Airlines: Tel. 800.435.9792 / Baggage Service: 510.563.1017
Sun Trips Airlines: Tel. 800.888.5019 / Baggage Service: 510.577.6715
United Airlines: Tel. 800.241.6522 / Baggage Service: 800.221.6903

Terminal Two

Oakland International Airport Terminal Two contains gates 20-26 and serves:
Southwest Airlines: Tel. 800.435.9792 / Baggage Service: 510.563.1017